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Flood Insurance

Those who are looking for flood insurance in North Carolina should consider coverage that factors specific local conditions. There are many issues to consider that are unique to the state and require a different set of considerations. Recent weather patterns and claims for damage will affect the current flood insurance rates.

The Need for Flood Insurance

The most significant reason for flood insurance and source of concern is the possibility for property in North Carolina to be damaged by hurricanes. This coastal area is a hotbed of hurricane activity, and one of the most common places in the country for a major storm to make landfall. Storm surges and rising water levels during a hurricane, especially along the coast, are the most devastating effects of a hurricane. Wind damage from hurricanes can also cause structural damage to the roof and exterior of the house, but that is covered under a normal home owner's policy in most cases. North Carolina is also subjected to excessive amounts of rainfall each year, which can occasionally cause flooding in some areas from river overflow. Because the losses in a flood can be severe in flood zones or near the ocean, flood insurance is a separate policy that can be costly at times due to the level of potential damage that is covered. However, coverage is still the most effective way to be prepared for an emergency and get help afterward.

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For further information regarding your flood insurance, please contact an agent at Supreme Insurance Services Inc. An insurance professional who is familiar with the weather patterns in your local area can speak to you about the proper coverage for your home and personal property. Do not wait until a disaster strikes.

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