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Health Insurance

Health Insurance for North Carolina Residents

Each state has unique laws regarding health insurance coverage. North Carolina has varying requirements for employers and individuals. Keep reading to learn more about what coverage is required, and what options you have, as we have created a comprehensive overview here.

What to expect

In the state of North Carolina, there are no laws that dictate employers have to provide employees with group healthcare insurance. However, while this is the case, most employers are providing this benefit.

At Supreme Insurance Services Inc., our goal is to meet the needs of our clients by providing quality health insurance policies at affordable coverage prices. While providing insurance is not required, if health insurance is offered by an employer in North Carolina, there are laws in place regarding what benefits must be offered.

If an individual is seeking health insurance, the laws differ somewhat than what is true for employers. Until the end of 2019, an individual may have to pay a tax penalty if they are not enrolled in a health insurance plan that meets the Affordable Care Act requirements. After the requirement for health insurance has passed, there will be no penalty for those who don’t have healthcare coverage.

While this is true, we encourage both employers and individuals to seek quality coverage. There’s no way to tell when a serious medical issue will arise, and without insurance, you may face extremely high medical costs.

At Supreme Insurance Services Inc., we have made it our goal to provide individuals and businesses in the state of North Carolina with the quality policies they need. Our goal is to help each customer find the right policy for their needs, not the most expensive one.

If you are interested in learning more about the quality health insurance products we have available, reach out to us today. Our team can gather your information and help you find a quality, affordable policy that will exceed your expectations.

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